Welcome to the epilogue ...


As usual, this time of the year is one of budding excitement for all fans of European L5R as we're heading towards the Premier European event of the season.  However, thanks to a tiny bit of news that took Rogukan (and most social networks) by storm, the event has acquired dramatic significance. Throughout the past year, me and my fellow TOs have been throwing ideas on how to make this a good event.  Now that it is the Last European Event ever, it is a heavy burden, but one that we welcome.  

L5R has been a lot of different things to many different people, a hobby, a pastime,  a good game, a full-time obsession, the fulcrum of nerd-rage, but mostly it is stories ... stories of people coming to play a game and staying for the people. Stories of cards, stories of trips, veritable sojourns in dark musty places where few gamers have the privilege to go. Stories of war, fellowship and camaraderie.  While the game in its current incarnation is reaching its date of expiration, the Legend of L5R will live on. 

So, without further ado, come pen your own story in the final chapter of a Legendary Community, as we will try to run a professional tournament for all avid CCG players and a pleasant event for all those coming at the siren call of nostalgia.  BANZAI!

- Chris


Contact Info

Please direct all questions and inquiries to Manolis the kami of printers at mantrah@hotmail.com, as Chris is really busy getting married and Michael is trying to be the perfect Geek Dad :)

Alternatively, crowdsource your issues at our facebook page.

Venue Infromation

Since we are traditional people, our venue remains the same we've been using for the last ten years of so, the ever comfy Stratos Vassilikos Hotel. However, since ever comfy usually rhymes with rather pricey, we also have other budget hotel options near the venue.  Please contact Manolis or the FB page for further information.


See you all soon!

Special Contest: The Wall of Rememberance

The sheer wave of nostalgia and the bittersweet aftertaste of reading so many posts with the #WeAreL5R tag, has left its mark, and personally we feel that it's a pity to have all those posts drowned into the Faceless Nothing of facebook and twitter feeds.   With that thought in mind, we're offering a special contest: send us (actually send me - Chris - at metalmorphosis@usa.net) a small essay about the impact of L5R and its amazing community in your life (or any other crazy L5R related story you wish to share), as we intend to gather them and keep them posted online for posterity here (and any other L5R fansite that wants them).  We'll pick as many as our meager budget permits and either we'll give you a nice commemorative gift or if you're coming to the event, we'll cover some of your hotel expenses.

Main Event

The Essence of Destruction

The impending doom that faces Rokugan has many terrible harbingers, not least of which are the original Twelve Black Scrolls as well as the poorly understood 13th Black Scroll. Most were thought destroyed, but true evil can never be destroyed forever; it always returns. So too has the Essence of Destruction returned. Originally thought to be another of the Black Scrolls, the spell known as the Essence of Destruction was instead the soul of a demon goddess, bound away and coupled with the maddened spirit of a woman named Agasha Kyoso. Its opening precipitated the Destroyer War, and there are few items in history that have wrought such horrors upon the Emerald Empire. Its time has, unfortunately, come again, and sooner than anyone would ever have wished.

The winner of this tournament will determine the clan affiliation of the individual who discovers the Essence of Destruction and its return to the mortal realm. The winner may select one living individual who shall bear the scroll during its time in Ningen-do, and will determine whether the scroll should be surrendered to the Imperial families or remain in the safe-keeping of his clan.

Second Chance

The Heroes of the Seals

The Battle of the First Seal was a devastating loss for the people of Rokugan, a loss in the first battle of a war that the Great Clans did not know they were fighting until it was already too late. Only a handful of samurai survived the battle, and while the Battle for the Second Seal is anticipated to be a much more even battle that ultimately leads to a victory, there can be no doubt that many noble samurai will perish at the hands of a most insidious foe. Victory can never be assured, but glory can be seized by any willing to make the sacrifice to claim it.

The winner of this event may select one personality affiliated with their clan. That personality will be a surviving veteran of the Battle of the First Seal or Battle of the Second Seal, depending upon clan in question. The tales of the personality’s exploits will become legendary throughout the Empire, and the war against the forces of Jigoku will gain a new hero.


Favored of the Celestial Dragon

The Oracles of Light are stirring, preparing to return to the mortal realm if this threat against Ningen-do proves as dire as expected. One among them, however, never permitted his Oracle with withdraw in the first place. Togashi Mitsu, the Oracle of the Celestial Dragon, has remained within the mortal realm, but now finds that his heroic soul will not permit him to remain apart from the events taking place. In an unprecedented event, Mitsu has asked to be severed from the Heavens, that he might fight for Rokugan once more. The Celestial Dragon requires a new agent to serve as the link between the mortal and the divine.

The winner of this tournament may select any one non-unique personality from his faction to ascend to the position of Celestial Oracle. This position will provide them with incredible power and insight into the coming battle, but it will also prevent them from taking direct action against the enemies of Rokugan.

Event Schedule

Friday 16th

10:00 Registration
11:00 Grinder 1
12:00 Registration for Invitational
12:30 Invitational
13:00 Grinder 2

Saturday 17th

10:00 Registration
11:00 Main Event
11:30 Second Chance

20:00 20 years celebration - the best Funeral Party ever!
20:30 Drunken Master

Sunday 18th

10:00 Finals start
11:00 "Siege" or other format side event (be brave 30/30 Open!)
18:00 Awards Ceremony

Extracuricular Activities :)

Due to the big news that broke out a few days ago, a lot of people (both domestic and foreign) have expressed interest in attending some part of the event even if they are no longer playing the CCG, just to get a last whiff of sweaty L5R gamers and fraternize with the best community in gaming.  During the coming days we will try to keep an ear to the ground and help organize things more, but at the moment the following things have been planned to run concurrently with the main event:


17:00 onwards: Doomtown ECG - If there's enough people we'll be happy to run a tourney as well.
(All day) Boardgames: There are plenty of boardgame enthusiasts around, and since there will be tables...
21:30 Dinner & Barcrawl: We are planning to organize a dinner at a traditional Greek restaurant downtown and the spread around to the local bars and pubs. There's limited seating, so look out for a detailed announcement with instructions


10:30 onwards: Greek 2015 Netrunner Nationals one floor up :)
11:00 onwards: We'll be happy to organise any special side event people feel like playing, from Multiplayer Suicide to "Le 4/5" or L5R Diskwars/Buttonmen, as long as there's interest in it and enough people that want to play.