2013 gameathlon
Android Netrunner @ 2013 GameAthlon - Greek/American Union.

Cause It's All About Running (the Net)

Howdy all, and pardon the English, but various friends all over Europe have been asking for tips and tricks to set up their own local leagues, so I decided to write the following pages in English.  Besides, if you can read and understand the text of Esher, you can probably understand this.

When Android:Netrunner was announced by FFG, there was a lot of (justifiable) enthusiasm, but people were (rightly) sceptical about whether it would be able to establish itself as an active tournament game in what appeared to be an already over-saturated CCG/LCG environment (at least in Greece where 99% of card flippers were either devoted to MtG, L5R or aGoT).  We got our core packs, started playing and immediately it became clear to us that this newer incarnation of the game was considerably better than the already great original and thanks to the current zeitgeist that has brought computers to the fore, it now appealed to a much broader audience.  Especially after we heard how fast the game was selling out on local stores, it became clear that there was a real case for building a solid Organized Play experience.

Sadly, as most people on the net like to complain about, FFG is rather terrible at supporting OP, with rather underwhelming and overcosted (if you don't live in the States)Game Night packs and a complete lack of prize related motivation (since the game is an LCG, the option to offer product based incentives to boost tournament attendance is practically non-existent). Given this, it was evident that some other form of motivation was needed.  Borrowing an idea from an online Leaderboard for the local Game of Thrones tournament scene, I decided to try and duplicate the feat with netrunner. I bounced the idea around, contacted some Gaming Stores and lo and behold, the GNRL was born.

The first few events where fun, but characterised by low attendance, just like any other tournament scene's baby steps. Still, the people that gathered shared a deep love for the game and exhibited great behavior and sportsmanship, reminding me of the early steps of the local L5R community, 15 odd years ago.  The potential was there, so all we had to do is keep the faith and keep going.  The league gained momentum, more people joined the game (especially since product actually became available again) culminating in a 27 person peak at our 1st regionals and going strong and steady ever since.  Now, with Season I and a nice relaxing summer behind us, the scene is set for Season II, which promises to be bigger and more exciting.

Click on the links below for information on specific league seasons:

season I  season II

League Supporters

The GNRL would not be so succesful without the active support and patronage of the following establishments (which we thank kindly):

  • This House Rules
  • Espairos
  • Kaissa Neas Erythraias
  • FS Exarxeia
  • FS Marousi
  • Playscape

As well as all the wonderful people of the GrEEK Guild on BoardgameGeek.com!