GNRL SEASON III: Rise of the Store Champions

Welcome all to the third season of our on-going netrunner league, this time for the fall-spring of 2014 period, and what promises to be the most cutthroat and brutal competition yet as it is time for the 2014 Store Championships, Chronos Protocol and the much anticipate Regional Championship events. It's gearing up to be the biggest yet, as participation numbers are increasing across the board as more people are drawn into the hottest card flipping game out there.  So bring out your consoles and hire those private security forces, it's time to claim fame, glory, some fancy prizes and above all have a roaring good time!

Stronger Together!

Von Innen

You have heard the rumors. You might actually have heard my thoughts and offered your opinions in helping this event take shape. You might have no idea what I'm talking about.  Well, regardless, it's time to pierce the veils of secrecy and reveal the truth once and for all.  I've been thinking for a long time how to go about creating a super competitive invitational tournament just for the fun of it (and some friendly trash-talking & ribbing).  Also, I wanted an opportunity to offer some more cool prizes and swag. So, with the introduction of the Store Championships, all the pieces fell into place and the Von Innen Invitational was born.  So what is it exactly?

Essentially, it is a small private tournament with a twist. Entrance is restricted to the 6 GNRL Store Champions and two people coming from the Chronos Protocol standings.  If somebody gets a seed earlier, the spot gets passed to the next person, and so on. The twist, is that in chronological order (starting with the Kaissa Amarousiou winner) the participant gets to choose a faction to hire him (either Corp or Runner) essentially locking it for the rest of the participants. The two Chronos Protocol seeds, thanks to selective mind-mapping, neither lock or are constrained by this.

Clarification: The Lock applies to a specific ID, not a whole faction, otherwise the first three would lock all runners and that's all folks!

The tournament itself will take place sometime near the end of May (date still pending) along with a regular tournament, giving a chance to the rest of the players to aim for those precious top spots, without all these nasty Store Champions stealing their agendas. Given that the whole thing is experiemental, the tournament will also run in an experimental format, which I like to call AC/DC round-robin, meaning that everyone will get to play everyone for one match, playing Corp one game and Runner on the other, with the two top prestige-gathererers facing off in a normal final match.

As for the prizes, every paricipant will get:

  • A commemorative T-Shirt of the Event
  • A funky net-runner themed fridge magnet from PixelArt

 The winner, apart from eternal fame & glory, he will also claim:

  • Free entrance to all GNRL Season 4 Events (Von Innen means Inside Job after all)
  • A special commemorative prize (still working on it)

Will Team BLTG prevail against the challengers? Come to the Von Innen Invitational and find out for yourselves :)

And not to forget, before I sign off, a round of hearty thanks to all the Stores that supported Season III of the GRNL:

  • Κάισσα Αμαρουσίου
  • Κάισσα Νέας Ερυθραίας
  • DragonPhoenix Inn
  • Fantasy Shop Βικτώρια
  • Fantasy Shop Εξάρχεια
  • Fantasy Shop Μαρούσι
  • Playscape
  • This House Rules

And of course, big thanks to all the wonderful members of the Greek Netrunner community and the Greek Guild on

Season III Winners and Prizes

And since we have reached the end of the season, it's time to talk about prize rewards! I know that season II got lost in transit, but this time around I've planned in advance.  So, thanks to the wonderful crafting skills of mr. Vangelis Galanis, we will be offering several custom made alternate art identities  to the deserving winners.  The slots for season III are:

  • Season Winner (most prestige):
  • Season Runner-Up (second most prestige):
  • Attendance (most tournaments attended):
  • Innovator (most IDs played during S3):
  • Best of Faction (most prestige in a single faction):

Like Season I, people are eligible for only one award. In case they are eligible for mutliple, the award moves down to the next in line.

The award ceremony will take place after the Swiss rounds of the 2014 Nationals, on 28/09/2014.  The names of the winners will be announced once all the results are imported in the score-tracking system.